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9 Thoughts to “I battle all the time but im still only silver III. Advice please?”

  1. Alabama-Getaway

    Trophies don’t matter, worry about loot


    Being in silver makes sense for a th6. Once you max your th and go to th7 you should easily be able to get to gold.

  3. Party-Ad-6015

    make sure to level up your troops and make sure the army you’re using is good and you’re using it properly

  4. SneakyRum

    How long have you been plying for?

    Unless you have a fortune to spend on gems, it takes years to get to the high levels.

  5. justaneuropean

    Me being silver with th 9.💀

  6. IllustriousArm3751

    Prob won’t be Able to get much farther at th6

  7. CoolPenguin_720

    Git gud.

  8. kozukitonio

    Bro don’t rush it. Imagine being th6 in almost 2022 tho 💀💀

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