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Loot threshold to prevent accidentally skipping

Loot threshold to prevent accidentally skipping

Hey guys!

Isn’t it so frustating when you find the perfect base, with a ton of lot, only to skip to the next one when selecting a troop/hero or even by accident? I’m sure it has happened to everyone, not only once, and it is horrible.

I thought about it and an option to set a loot threshold to the bases seems like a good and easy fix. The player could enable it in the settings with a button and set a threshold for a certain minimum amount of loot (i.e. 300k gold/elixir and 2k DE) that would prevent this. If a base has more available loot than the threshold and the player hit the next button, a confirmation window pops up asking the player if he really wants to skip to the next one.

Those who might think this would be an annoying feature simply won’t need to enable it and keep playing the game as it is. What’s your thoughts on it?

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  1. Physical_Camp7415

    It would be nice but is not really necessary and that important


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