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🔴Clash of Clan Live Base Visits| DrDarkfury | 1.2 Subs Lets go!!

🔴Clash of Clan Live Base Visits| DrDarkfury | 1.2 Subs Lets go!!

ROAD TO 1.2K SUBS STARTS TODAY !!!! Lets Get Monetized Together.

For Collab DM Insta:- DrDarkfury

Do support my Facebook pages for more stream.
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Super Chat :-
Gpay Upi:- sharonkiyoya11@okhdfcbank
paytm Upi :- drdarkfury@ybl

Top Donators:-
Madbeast 1100rs
Vishal 50 rs
Rajiv 50 rs
Grimlock 45rs
Fear me 30rs
tamboli 50rs

Chat rules :-
🔶No Spam, Self Promotion
🔷No Racism/Profanity
🔶No Trash Talking For other Creators
🔷No discussion on Politics
🔶Respect Moderators
🔷Have Focking Fun
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