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TH15 Concept: Blazing Oasis – #8: Bomb Tower

TH15 Concept: Blazing Oasis – #8: Bomb Tower

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  1. The___Husky

    Wow it’s been a little bit. So for why I haven’t posted in a while, well, I’ve been working on the Supercell Make! And then I thought the deadline was August 31st so I missed the deadline. Yay! Oh right and then my drawing software deleted the bomb tower when I was almost done. On top of this I started a new job and July has just been a super busy month. I’m excited to get back in the groove of things again though, and the X-Bow should be completed on Friday or so!

    Designer Notes: The Bomb Tower was tricky, because of its angle. Most buildings face parallel to their sides but the Bomb Tower faces perpendicular to its corner. So I had to relearn essentially how to draw these, but I got the hang of it and I really like this one!

    Also many thanks to u/ThubanDraco, their leak of the TH14 X-Bow will help me tremendously.

    Next Up: X-Bow

  2. JastroTheDragon

    wow, i remember these. it’s definitely showing you’re putting a lot of effort into these, they look really good. looking forward to the xbow!

  3. thepupperofpurgatory

    I like the color scheme for these!


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