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Anyone know whats happening?

Anyone know whats happening?

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  1. ByWillAlone

    I’m not sure whether it’s been fixed or not, but there was recently an exploit in the game where if you pasted a massive quantity of emoji (I’m not sure if there was a required sequence or pattern to it or not), that it would cause the app to crash when the app was launching and loading your clan chat channel.

    This exploit was used successfully as a kind of denial of service attack against clans in war where an opponent would join your clan if it was open or their join request was accepted, they would pop into your clan chat, paste that sequence of emoji, then immediately exit. The result was that neither you nor your clan mates could successfully launch the game and do your attacks until enough of the spammed emoji had been pushed up by newer chat messages.

    It looks similar to the actions shown in your vid.

  2. Jesus_died_for_u

    Kick them. The will fill chat and cause Android phones to crash when the game is open

  3. Raddit_Professional

    its like a bug, saw this thing posted on the sub before

  4. Captain19matt

    That clan member left immediately lol


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