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Spoiler alert: no one cares

Spoiler alert: no one cares

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  1. Fvck_This_Place

    “I know nobody cares but…” Type of posts are the worst

  2. guiltus

    I care

  3. Relentless-85

    We’re you proud when you maxed it back when you first started? I’d think so it’s like a TH 12 making it to legends and me after doing it at TH 9 it’s not much of an achievement in my eyes but for them it’s something to be proud of and I respect everyone’s journey.

  4. Relentless-85

    There max TH 5 took 2 weeks your meme took 2 minutes and you expect upvotes? Or people to care let that sink in…

  5. BadMotherFolklore

    Isn’t that like five days of gameplay?

  6. sp00kypork

    But don’t tell them no one cares… it’s a bit of shock to see not everyone will give you a cookie everytime you doing something mediocre.

  7. SuperDM1987

    Man how DAAAARRRE people have fun enjoying their journey11!!1

    Sure they shouldn’t be praised for every small thing but if you don’t see it as much of an accomplishment then just downvote-ignore-move on.


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