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What is the perception on manually approved posts?

What is the perception on manually approved posts?

I frequent a sub with 250k to this one’s 350k, and it has manual post approval. Sorting by new, the average post quality is simply a lot less fluff; less repetitive memes and lurk moar questions. And TBT, I did not even notice it had manual approval for a while; I don’t think most people do. Unless you immediately check your profile after submission, there is no message that your post has been approved or not, and I presume less modmail spam. I don’t know how the base submission volumes compare, but how practical would this be? How much of a strain on the mod team, or would it be less of a hassle than responding to so many valid reports? Do the people who frequent this sub, think that it would be more annoying than conducive to content quality? Does the more “pressing” nature of the questions asked here justify automatic approval? I think I like the new flair system, but I understand well what the old one was trying to accomplish.

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  1. 4stGump

    Not sure I’m following what you’re saying

    The flair system didn’t necessarily do anything different than what the tag system did.

  2. CongressmanCoolRick

    I haven’t really thought about it for here. Gut reaction though is “No, lol”

    What I’d want to look at before doing that would be:

    How many posts do we get per day? – easy to find out, so far in July thats [191 on average]( With peaks up around 250-270, July has been pretty active for us looks like.

    How many are removed for breaking a rule? This is more of a pain in the ass to find out… give me some time to count and take a swag at it. So far in July we removed an average of 31.9 posts per day (excluding automod, which would double that)

    How long on average do we take to remove a post thats been reported? (I don’t know a good way to do this, only a REAL pain in the ass way that I’m not going to do. Gut feeling here is most get seen within 30 minutes on most days. Longest I’ve really seen the mod queue go back in prob 6-7 hours at times but thats not the norm. Now I’m surprised if theres things that are over an hour old. (estimated)

    So if we can know that, then we could decide on whether or not the extra mod effort is really worth it.

    The community is really good about reporting things quickly, especially the things we want gone fast like porn spam, BST stuff, and the sketchy give you a virus kind of links… Thats great. Stuff thats just a loot post or whatever isn’t an emergency to remove, so if it sits an hour, that sucks but its whatever… Ill get back and edit this after kiddos bath and bedtime

    I’m not sure how assistant bot counts the posts, and if that 191 includes the removed ones or not. So is 60 get removed a day we get either 191 or 251 on average, and mods manually remove 32 of those, meaning we’ve be delaying all posts to catch ~15% give or take of rule breaking posts, just 30 minutes earlier (that time frame is still a guess). Tons get caught within minutes some are up for 12+ hours…

    I don’t think it would be worth it for us especially since most of those removals are mostly harmless anyway. If we had reddit type problems, like brigading or hate speech maybe… But since we dont…

    I don’t know if thats worth it


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