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The Builder Base Seems Officially Dead

The Builder Base Seems Officially Dead

It’s been over 2 years since the BB has been updated and it’s getting pretty boring (I use it simply as a gem farm).

I believe Darian said a long time ago that an update wasn’t even in production. For reference, Builder Hall level 8 was added in March 2018, and Builder Hall level 9 was added in June 2019. On November 6, 2019, Darian said they don’t have any plans for a level 10 but essentially they haven’t given up on it (though basically hinted they have – This was roughly a year and a half ago.

The BB was obviously controversial to begin with, I was mixed on it but enjoyed certain parts.

At this point, it seems SC has given up on it, and the BB is officially dead. What say you? Do you even want BB to come back into play?

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  1. piper139

    Not unless they add something besides just bh10. The gameplay got worse as the bh levels got higher. Bh9 is painful. I really enjoyed it for a long time but 8 and then 9 just went downhill. So bring back the fun in attacks. Make it help my clan in some way. A maxed 14 is great for the clan. My two maxed bh9s? Nada.

  2. sp00kypork

    This is a personal opinion but anytime I hear the whole “not in our production schedule” bit I think it’s just fluffy way of saying builder base was a flop and not the cash cow we were hoping for. So no, we don’t find any financial incentive to invest our limited resources into making bh10.

    Imo of what made it dead was all the carrot and stick features sc was relying early on which just made players only complete the necessary upgrades to get those features and let their builder halls collect dusty bunnies afterwards.

    In terms of if I personally want BB to come back into play. If all they are going to do is add more “carrots and sticks” FUCK NO it’s even insulting when you think about how it’s no different than telling a child “If you clean your room, eat your veggies, and brush your teeth before 9. I will give you a slice of chocolate cake!”

    If they add something that makes bb fun to play like idk spirits (inferno dragons exists in coc right?) , tome/rune carrier, 2nd hero, equipment for the battle machine, or literally anything that could add more strategy/creativity to bb instead of just watching your troops destroy stuff then maybe it could be worth playing bb for fun instead of just doing my daily coc chores.

  3. SoyuzRocket

    yes i do, they should add bb war and the format would be fighting mega bases


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