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7 Thoughts to “Just started playing the game, how’s my base?”

  1. OMGhejbedreenddig

    Your base is rushed. It’s easy to fix when you’re a lower th level but when you become a higher th level it can take a Lot of time to fix.
    Basicly you need to max or almost max out your base before you upgrade th. That’s because when you upgrade th you face more opponents with that same th wich means Better bases and troops.
    So Yeah don’t rush and always upgrade offense before defense

  2. Tragicending413

    Stop spending your gems!!! Only us them to buy builders.

  3. OMGhejbedreenddig

    It’s town hall.
    I think your base is fine but when you only have a few defenses it’s very easy to get 3 star.

  4. LupusxNocte

    You’re base layout looks pretty good for a new comer. Keep it up! As a tip I’d say is work on your troops and collectors first then expand. The higher you get this may change depending on the type of player you become. If you ever need help feel free to dm. Hope you enjoy Clash of Clans!!

  5. PositiveReputation41

    Seems like you have already wasted a lot of gems,save them to buy builder huts. Extra builders make progression much easier. Plus your lab needs to get started. Also,upgrade the army camps

  6. SpotlightR

    Stop spending your gems and upgrade all of your buildings, traps, and walls to their max possible level before upgrading your townhall as a general rule of thumb. You’ll save yourself a lot of headache down the line if you develop good practices now

  7. tiltfest

    Looks beast man, just stay like that and you Will Get the 5000 defence achievement

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