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I’m a bit rushed but I’m trying to get better do you have any tips

I’m a bit rushed but I’m trying to get better do you have any tips

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  1. damns0nnn

    upgrade everything

  2. Shvoid

    This might be a bit tedious but have level everything to TH6 then 7 then 8. Pretend your TH isn’t 11.

  3. Wide_Fig7687

    I’d suggest you to strengthen your offence first. Camps and army units. Once you unlock super barbarians or sneaky goblins, you can collect a lot of loot to upgrade the rest. As others pointed out, keep your builders busy. Don’t use your gem for anything else apart from buying another builder

  4. johntitor21

    Just get to upgrading. Always keep the builders going. I’d probably start with defense weapons. Once maxed then move onto walls.

  5. Imafailure0

    Play for 5 hours a day

  6. HunchoSlays

    Max heroes first. Always keep something researching in lab. Keep a builder available for wall upgrades. And use your last builder for elixer upgrades. Then worry about defenses

  7. -Slime_Disease-

    Don’t upgrade ur town hall

  8. LittleNeesh04

    Delete the game and start over


    Push up the league’s as high and as fast as you can, the loot will come with it as well as the daily bonus. Just realise that this will take a little while to catch up, so take your time and enjoy it. If your gonna do wars, prioritise troops and hero’s before defenses and dump excess gold into walls. Mess around with different army comps, YouTube it, and again just have fun.

  10. saddivad2020

    Best way to loot is super goblins+jump spells+ haste spells
    With some wall breakers and giants. Take 4 jump spells and 3 haste spells. So upgrading your goblins to level 7 will be your first priority (to unlock super goblins)


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