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I really need help with attacking any body got any tips or armys I could use? (TH9)

I really need help with attacking any body got any tips or armys I could use? (TH9)

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  1. Jesus_died_for_u

    To win stars/trophies? Army 2 but dump the rage spells for more lightning spells and dump the lions for dragons.

    For loot? Goblins work fine. (Maybe throw in some wallbreakers and jump spells or giants)

  2. justafriendlybaer

    For war, try GoHoBo, there r some good vids in YT about it, i can recommend The vid by The Dethroned


    The easiest attack rn is zap drag or quake zap

  4. Razgriz80

    Start broad and then focus.

    1) learn HOW to attack. I don’t mean this in a demeaning way. I mean it very literally. Some people simply throw a bunch of troops at a base and see what they get. That’s not what you want to do. There are TONS of good videos out there, so I’ll keep it simple here.

    You want to focus on making sure your troops go where you want them to. Funneling is a good start, then practice pathing, and go from there.

    You also want to learn what are dangers of specific attacks. A good example of this is the mass hog raid. The AQ and CC troops will WRECK the hogs. If you are able to snipe the AQ and CC troops then you’re golden as the two “dangerous” parts of your raid are gone.

    2) learn what troops do well in what scenario. This is HUGE for getting into higher level play. I’m going to use a TH 10 as an example. Everybody has seen the Island bases right? If you send a QC, pekka, BK, SS, etc into a single inferno you’re gonna have a bad time. HOWEVER if you send a group of loons into a single inferno they will take it out with little resistance. On the other hand if it is a multi loons and hogs will have a hard time against it whereas a BK, PEKKA, QC, or SS will have no problem against it. Learning what troops can be used to take out what areas are huge.

    Specific suggestion: watch some videos and get those troops, then practice, then augment the army comp to what you like.


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