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How would I take this as a max th10?

How would I take this as a max th10?

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  1. Snoo-12386

    Witch slap with 5 valks, attack from 3 o’clock, 1 baby drag at 2oclock and another at 4oclock then use a log launcher at 3 o’clock after clearing stuff with the baby drags, once first wall is down stuff in the valks and hero’s!

    Hope this made sense 😂

  2. CC20057

    Personally i would use PekkaHog with a wall wrecker from either inferno with bowlers inside of seige rage bowlers when you get to centre(also freeze the inferno for the seige).
    Army: 4 Pekkas, 20 Hogs, 2 Baby Drags
    Spells: 1 Rage, 1 Freeze and 4 Heals


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