Whats the most annoying mistake you see people make when attacking?

Mine has got to be popping abilities late, especially with the king. Sometimes people lose a crazy amount of value by only popping it when he has a slither of health left, and it can sometimes screw an attack.

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6 Thoughts to “Whats the most annoying mistake you see people make when attacking?”

  1. CongressmanCoolRick

    ✅✅✅✅ ❗️

  2. SnooStrawberries4044

    Mistiming a rage spell so your queen has now used her ability and a spell

  3. DavisAF

    Leading rage spells by too much and.. missing. Like dude I see you want to maximize spell value but dont drop them half the map away

  4. Wanheda_30

    To go off of yours but there was a guy in my clan that was a th9 and before he would attack he mostly used valks. He would drop his hero’s and pop their ability’s and they would get no value.

  5. wargolem

    The biggest mistake I see is that people believe the hero AI can be expected to not act fucking stupid. Every. Single. Time.

  6. The_Orgasm_Donor

    Clanmate forgetting they have a poison spell whilst getting beat down by CC troops.

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