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War Status Override

War Status Override

Leaders and Coleaders should be able to force override members war status to red. Sometimes it is hard to micromanage members with inaccurate war status. I also dont always want to demote or kick players if they miss war. A war status “forced red” unless the player updates to green would be a nice quality of life upgrade. We wouldn’t be able to force it green; just red.

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  1. ByWillAlone

    I’ve been begging for and supporting this idea for years (ever since smaller war sizes and war preference setting came into the game).

    We definitely need this. I often don’t kick someone immediately if they fail to show up for war because I understand that some life events are out of people’s control, but I don’t want to keep accidentally including them in war until they have taken the assertive step of opting themselves back into war.

    Another great use for this feature: my clan holds a very predictable regular war schedule, but sometimes we might have a special event war that falls outside the normal schedule. I’d love to set the whole clan red, then send out clan mail announcing the special event and tell everyone via clan mail to go green to participate.

    While they are at it, would it kill them to add an “optional” setting for war preference? It would be so nice to have: “I’m In” for those who definitely want in, “I’m Out” for those who definitely want out, and “Optional” for those who could participate if needed. That would be super helpful in hitting round numbers of 5 for war sizes.

  2. CapeBretonBoy

    Create a discord so it’s easier to contact your clan mates. Give them proper warning on there and then go to war with everyone opted in. Kick the players who don’t attack because they can’t follow simple instructions and probably shouldn’t be in your clan.

  3. Legendary_Dreamer

    Am I missing something? You can already leave green members out of the war search or add red members if you need 1 or 2 more to hit 20 or whatever.

    I’m also recalling the bad old days when everyone in the clan went to war, no opportunity to exclude members from the search without kicking them


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