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Beginner here, mind giving a hand?

Beginner here, mind giving a hand?

Hello, i decided to download COC after all these years so i need some advices and tactics to improve correctly. I’d be so glad if you’d help me out

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  1. Wanheda_30

    Don’t use hammers or books until your about th12 you get more value

  2. TRAirmail166

    • Investigate good attack stratergies respective for your TH, like dragon attacks, GOWIPE, GOWIWI, ect. Find your own play style and get into a clan that’s like that, if you are competative and like wars get into a clan like that.

    • Max out your TH or close to before going to the next one, your labs will sadly always take longer. Like I said before figure out attack stratergies you like and use it to determine the troops you want to upgrade.

    • You said you’re new so I don’t recomend it but if you get farm heavy TH9 is a good place to rush to since that TH you have a max hero level of 30 for both Barbarian King and Archer Queen.

    • Most importantly spend gems on Builders. The games biggest bottleneck is time and builders. The game will take a good bit to get to the later TH levels it’ll be roughly 4 months and 20 days for a max TH11 for me. That’s with the gold pass mind you.

    • If you really want to speed up the process the 5$ gold pass is worth it, participate in clan games and clan wars for more magic items and grind like no tomorrow.

    • Potions are really helpfull make sure not to “waste them” i.e using a reaserch potion with 2 hours left on a troop/spell and not putting another troop/spell to reaserch. Try upgrading 24/7.

    • Save those books and hammers you could earn in Clan War Leauge those instantly finish upgrades and cost zero resources.

    • When you get into a new TH level always upgrade the lab as quick as possible. That 5 day boost to troops is the max level troop your lab can have. Best to do this on “higher” levels like TH8.

    • Try and get into an active clan, it can really make the game a nicer experience and donated troops can really carry an attack especially if the clanmates dont mind donating you higher level troops.

  3. Jesus_died_for_u

    Spend gems on builders until you get 5. Keep them upgrading 24/7 until town hall 11 or so. Then keep 4 working 24/7 and 1 to dump loot into walls. You should post your town hall level

  4. Jesus_died_for_u

    Watch (current) u-tube videos for attacks

  5. IronAngel77

    Find a clan that you’ll enjoy, preferably active ones and knowledgeable about the game so they can help you out along the way. I believe this is the most important one because if you don’t enjoy your clan, you’ll get bored easily.

  6. detached03

    Goblin Milking is easily the best resource gaining comp. don’t worry about trophies or bonus stars or whatever.

    Check out the daily/weekly challeneges to get stuff/potions and like the guy said above, use gems to buy builders.

    I’d probably starting out, only care to get to skull or lego walls. With the sieges, super wall breakers now, walls are almost meaningless but I think skulls or legos are good stopping point early on.

    Check out CarbonFin on youtube for some content too. A lot for higher th levels but he’s great to listen to and get a feel for how he attacks and things of AI.

  7. o_4foxsake

    New new? Don’t drop troops slowly enough for them to be picked off one-by-one. Put giants down before your barbs/archers to protect them, and the same idea applies as your progress. Upgrade the troops/spells you use the most first (duh). Archer and wizard towers always got priority to upgrade first because they shoot both ground and air troops. Upgrade walls.


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