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Why is it even a feature…?

Why is it even a feature…?

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  1. VrinTheTerrible

    Been playing for about 8 years and I think I’ve used Revenge twice

  2. pixelgamer0x7D2

    I dont know you, but if you think you can humiliate me and take my gold think again… *Cant attack! Village has an active shield*

  3. piper139

    It works fine at lower leagues. At higher, there are 2 things working against you. First, active players manage their shields and try to be available as little as possible. Players in higher leagues tend to be much more active. Second, to prevent win trading when pushing, there is delay (5 minutes I think) between when a base becomes available and when you can revenge.

    Tldr version. Ignore the button and go attack someone else.

  4. Alabama-Getaway

    I’ve been playing since 2014, used revenge once. In 2014. Don’t even look at logs any more. Who cares, who attacked or. How much they got.


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