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Why did I lose 5 attacks in 3 hours and not get a shield?

Why did I lose 5 attacks in 3 hours and not get a shield?

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  1. Katcher22

    I’m 90% sure they have to get 30% for you to get a shield. They did that a long time ago to prevent people from putting their TH in a corner to get an easy shield.

  2. MrDozens

    They need to 30%. It doesnt matter if they got a star. It was to prevent putting your TH outside for TH snipes.

  3. Icy-Bullfrog-2321

    I realize the first four are all low percentage one star attacks but I didn’t think that mattered. I thought if they got a star you got like a 12 hour shield

  4. piper139

    From the wiki.

    Defenses and Shields

    When your village is attacked, your village gets a Shield for 12, 14 or 16 hours.
    The destruction percentage yields Shields accordingly:

    0-29% destruction: 30-minute Village Guard is awarded

    30% destruction: a 12-hour Shield is awarded

    60% destruction: a 14-hour Shield is awarded

    90% destruction: a 16-hour Shield is awarded


    Town Hall destruction alone does not grant a Shield, at least 30% of destruction is necessary to get a Shield

    A destruction percentage below 30% will reward you with a 30-minute Village Guard.

    The attacker needs to deploy at least 1/3 of the defender’s Army Capacity of troops as per the defender’s Town Hall level. Spells, Heroes, and donated troops count towards the deployed capacity.

    You can also reduce your Shield manually in the Shield timer. Stay away from this if you want to hold on to your Shield

  5. Halbert-

    Because they are hitting with less than a third of their army And taking a star.

    Pesky Sneaky Goblins.

  6. sujoSrW

    low 1 star every single time, you need a specific % to get a shield

  7. AgentFunky

    Gotta protect your th from sneaky gobs


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