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How am I supposed to defend against this? TH10 attacking a TH9.

How am I supposed to defend against this? TH10 attacking a TH9.

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  1. BeneficialBro69

    That’s the neat part. You don’t.

  2. Puzzleheaded_You2601

    I don’t know if it’s just me but, i find that symmetrical bases are easier to 3 star. Also, you won’t be able to defend against every attack strategy that an opponent throws at you. He also seems to be at least th10. I remember hating when I got attacked by town halls higher than me. Keep grinding and good work so far on your th9 progress. One last thing, go on google and search for th9 bases. Pick some out and try them and see how they work out for you.

  3. igloo_dog

    I was attacked by a th11 today and lost 33 trophies…

  4. UsefulComputer4476

    it’s simple, you can’t

  5. dreadkilla626

    You just don’t. You’ll always be three starable specially against a TH higher then you. Its all about getting more attacks in to counter loss of loot and trophies

  6. Wanheda_30

    Damn that’s crazy

  7. Alabama-Getaway

    You can’t. If you run across a full storage th8, you clear them.

  8. harsh_guy

    me as a th 11 gets attacked by th 13

  9. OoOoOgAbOoGa

    Put space in between your x bows and air sweepers so he can’t get that great of value with lightnings. He’s able to get a full x bow for free while taking down your air defenses

  10. PromotionQuiet9623

    you just don’t

  11. WeabooDolfy125

    Get an e-drag in your cc for defense, it would clear out most of the east side dragon in the video


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