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An Attempt to Make Your TH7 less Dragon Prone

An Attempt to Make Your TH7 less Dragon Prone

First of all, let me preface this by saying **no TH7 base will survive a well executed dragon attack.** However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t just give up and use a common internet base, as there is still much you can do, especially against unskilled attackers.

Obviously, your main weapons against dragons will be air defenses. Thus, I recommend building your base around your air defenses – first decide on a suitable air defense placement, then consider how you can arrange buildings around them such that the air defenses will have the maximum amount of time to shoot down the dragons.

**So, how exactly should you arrange your defenses?**

Dragon attacks often fail because the attacker does not funnel correctly, leading to their dragons flaming all the trash on the outside while avoiding the air defenses. Thus, you can consider islanding off your air defenses, as it will be trickier for an attacker to charge their dragons in. In addition, because zapdrag is a huge part of the meta, it is important for you to be mindful of the lightning value you are handing out. This could be another reason to island off your air defenses, as zapping dead space around the air defense will not provide the attacker with any extra value.

Another very important defense is the air sweeper. Because dragons are so slow, any attacker directly charging into it will have a very difficult time trying to push through unless they have a rage. This gives you a very powerful tool – You can effectively eliminate a side of the base the attacker will enter from, giving you more resources to defend the area behind the sweeper. You can also assume that the attacker will lightning the air defense furthest from the sweeper, as their objective is to rush the other two ADs as quickly as possible.

Those are the two main defenses to worry about. Now let’s go over some of the others.

* **Wizard Towers** can be useful to stop balloons. Try to put some near possible air defenses, as a common tactic is to charge an air defense with loons.
* **Archer Towers** can shoot Dragons. Useful, though they don’t do enough DPS.
* **Cannons and Mortars** won’t do much. However, they can be used to draw balloons away from other air targeting defenses.

**Let’s Talk About Trash**

Trash is extremely important, as they can be used to slow dragons. Specifically, you should place high hitpoint structures, such as the Town Hall or storages near air defenses (Rember, you only need to focus behind the air sweeper. The Dragons will need a longer time to move through them. In addition, the King and CC troops can also distract.

You might want to spread your trash as wide as possible, since dragons are slow and this may cause some time fails. Don’t forget you can incorporate some corner huts or troll teslas. They can definitely work.

If your on the other side, **always scout for corner huts.** It takes literally 2 seconds, but many people still time fail because of them. I strongly advise you to replace a balloon with 5 archers. In the grand scheme of the attack, 1 balloon probably isn’t going to make that much of a difference anyway.


* Make sure funneling into air defenses is hard
* Don’t hand out lightning value
* Protect the side behind the sweeper
* High hitpoint structures placed inside air defense range
* Corner buildings cause timefails


Consider the following base:

Let’s make a list of the weaknesses and strengths of this base:


* Lightning both the air defense and the sweeper
* Lack of high HP trash entering from the bottom
* Fairly easy to funnel


* Lots of protection in between the air defenses and behind the sweeper (If it existed after the lightning)
* Fairly spread out, might cause a timefail
* Air defenses are not exposed

If I were to attack the base, it would probably look something like this:

Lightning out the air defense and sweeper, funnel with the CC and King, and shoot the dragon’s right through the center. Notice how after the dragons take out the first air defense, they will get stalled by the dark elixir storage and CC, which is a good base design.

Here’s my war base

Notice the islanded off air defenses have almost 0 lightning value. In addition, storages and the cc are all in tanking position for the air defenses.

There are some weaknesses to this base too. For example, the cc is very lurable, meaning the attacker can deal with it outside the base in relative safety. In addition, the town hall is not positioned in a way to provide tanking for an air defense.

I’ll leave how to attack this one up to you. After all, it is my war base.

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  1. teinc3

    What I recommend for TH7 players is to put hidden teslas at opposite corners (the same side and the opposite side of where you expect a th7 to deploy the drags) and not put any builder huts at the remaining corners.
    Why? A well-executed attacker usually takes notice of the corner huts when they scout the base. I do this as well, and switch out my 1 balloon with 3 archers and 1 minion if i spot any corner huts. This also warns the attacker about potential hidden teslas that are placed at the corners.
    Why put it at the side you expect the attacker to come from?
    Well, that’s simple. You want to force the entire dragon army to finish the entire base just to travel slowly to the top tesla (assuming they attack from the bottom) (since the last building the dragons attack near the base is probably more closer to the top tesla than the bottom one). Unlike Left-right placements, this one is far less likely to make the dragons Split apart into 2 groups. They’ll instead have to travel all the way Up, and then all the way down, wasting even more time.
    As OP mentioned, it’s impossible to stop a dragon attack on a th7 base, but what we do is to simply maximize the number of errors that the attacker may make, and force a loss by making them timeout. This can be really useful if you have a small war roster setup consisting of only 1-2 TH7s, so if an attacker fails, a th8 will have to Dip the base, wasting precious attacks.


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