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P.E.K.K.A Vs All Spells | Spells Comparison | Clash of clans

P.E.K.K.A Vs All Spells | Spells Comparison | Clash of clans

Every Single Spell Vs Max Level Pekka | spell Attack gameplay | clash of clans

In this video, We will Drop every single spell on the top of Pekka and we will find how it reacts. We will also find How spells work and Which spell is best in clash of clans.

This video includes:
Pekka Vs Heal spell
Pekka Vs Rage Spell
Pekka Vs Haste Spell
Pekka Vs Lightning Spell
Pekka Vs Skeleton Spell
Pekka Vs Bat spell
Pekka Vs Clone spell
Pekka Vs Poison spell
Pekka Vs Freeze Spell
Pekka Vs EarthQuake spell
Jump spell Vs Pekka

Let’s See what happens..

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Thanks For Watching. Hope You Like It!

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