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What do you consider maxed?

What do you consider maxed?

Personally when I hear Maxed it means literally everything is done before moving up TH, this is what I do, although the lab always is longer than everything else it’s a big advantage for attacks in and out of war. So when do you up your TH?

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  1. IronAngel77

    When heroes are maxed, troops that you use for war and loot are maxed and defensive buildings.

  2. 4stGump

    What do I consider maxed? Everything upgraded for that TH to include lab.

    When do you move up your TH? Maxed TH’s lose efficiency. That’s the question that gets asked a lot. Efficiency says that you should upgrade your TH when the benefits of moving up outweigh the cons. Not sure where that lays, but it typically falls when your heroes are maxed for that TH, you have a good enough farming/war strategy to move up, and that your defenses are lagging behind.

  3. BugTop7092

    everything but lab and walls AHAHA

  4. Jesus_died_for_u

    When I feel like I am close enough and wasting loot. For example at TH9, I will waste loot to get the 50 hero levels done (if I have failed to plan properly) but I won’t hesitate to leave some lab upgrades undone if I rarely use the troops.

  5. piper139

    For me, maxed THx is an absolute. Lab is dark and the only option in the builder list is upgrade townhall. Not except heroes, walls, a few troops, etc. Saying maxed except is just saying not maxed. I guess super max is all 7 builders have nothing to do, storage full, magic items full and have whatever max cwl medals is. 😀 I

  6. acowhasmyphone

    For me, maxxed is when you start to lose loot. For example, I am th 9 and this is how I manage my resources:

    Dark Elixir: First the Archer Queen, then Barbarian King and then dark Elixir lab troops and spells

    Elixir: First any building that requires elixir, then lab, then walls

    Gold: First defenses, then traps, then walls

    For now it is really working out and there never is there an excessive amount lf any resource


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