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What are the best & worst clan rules you have ever seen?

What are the best & worst clan rules you have ever seen?

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  1. CongressmanCoolRick

    I personally hate donation ratios, especially in mixed clans. Leadership should know who is a lousy mooch and who is just not able to keep up for whatever reasons.

    My donation account that was never in war would regularly hit 50k donated a season. It was literally impossible for the rest of the clan to have a positive ratio. I’ve also had perma max town hall accounts in clans that I only ever do war with. Even requesting only twice every 2 days I was never active enough to keep a decent ratio, but I wasn’t some worthless clanmate there, I pulled down a lot of war stars.

    My th14 is in legends, and there are th9s in that clan. I don’t want your stuff, I don’t want you holding back attacks and not requesting either because youre trying to keep an even ratio. I’d totally fine with you have 30 donated and 10,000 received if it means you are cranking out hero upgrades and improving your base.

    Its easy to tell who the problem people are if you are involved enough with your clan. I’ve never needed to look at numbers on the clan page to tell me when people suck and are selfish.

  2. sp00kypork

    This might rub people the wrong way and is insanely opionated but requiring all heroes to be up during cwl week is imo the worst clan rule.

    Since there is no matchmaking what so ever I have no assurance that we will get a matchup of equal weighted opponets that would actually require heroes to be up to win. Most of the time it’s either bullying your opponent or being the one that gets bullied.

    Not to mention the difference in between gold 3 to gold 2 to gold 1 is just 24 medals, crystal 3 to crystal 2 to crystal 1 is just 30 medals, masters 3 to masters 2 to masters 1 is just 36 medals. This is only enough to immediately buy a lab or builder potion or wait 4-5 months to buy a hammer. Not enough to justify having heroes up for 1 week when they are non-maxed imo.

    Although I do realize that if your in a champions or a masters 1-2 league clan then requiring heroes to be up during cwl week is actually necessary since you have a higher chance of actually getting equally weighted opponents but at gold and crystal league this is bully dipping edrag spammer domain.

  3. Green-Inkling

    I saw one post cycling where you were not allowed to request for troops that you yourself couldn’t make.

  4. ByWillAlone

    Worst rule: Maintaining a greater than 1:1 donation to request ratio.

    This is the absolute dumbest rule I have ever seen because it fails a basic mathematics test. It might be possible for everyone in the clan to maintain an exactly 50:50 ratio if everyone was very anal about how much they requested and donated, but it is not mathematically possible for everyone in a clan to maintain a greater than 1:1 ratio. If even one person in the clan exceeds the 1:1 ratio, that guarantees that at least one person in the clan will not be capable of hitting it.

  5. ByWillAlone

    Good rule (maybe not the best ever, but one of the best): opt-in if you want into war, opt-out if you want out.

    There is nothing worse than being in a clan and know that you will be unable to participate in an upcoming war, so you set your in-game war-preference setting to “I’m Out” and the dumbass leader or co-leader adds you into war anyway…and expects you to participate. I have numerous accounts and just go join random clans every once in a while to see what it’s like in a clan that may be not quite as organized as a Reddit Clan System clan is. It’s astounding to me how few other clans implement this simple basic rule for clan war participation… and the results are about what you’d expect- lots of no-shows and a war log full of red.

  6. Raddit_Professional

    I believe I saw this once on the sub, but someone said their clan only allow you to request what you can donate, which is the worst thing I ever seen.

    For best rule, I believe in the importance of attacking in war if you opt in for it.

  7. Qpalzxx

    The best rule I’ve seen is actually something my clan does. At the end of our clan description we say to put the word pineapple in your request to join. Then when people request to join we know if they read the clan description and if they care about the clan, or if they just join because of the badge/players. Only about 10% of the requests we get follow this rule meaning we are able to weed out most bad clanmates before they even join!

    The worst rules are always ones involving donation ratios. I’ve seen clans ask for 3:1 before. This means they either don’t understand the concept or they have a ton of clan hoppers, either way steer clear.

  8. Catfish_XD

    Worst Rule:
    First war hit against mirror.
    That is a lazy and inefficient way to win wars. Have your folks look over the bases, find one that they can do well against, and call it on the war map. Sometimes it is far better for the number 1 guy to triple #5 and number 5 to 2-star number 1 than it is for them both to get 2-stars.

    Best Rule:
    Post FC when you logon.
    Post FC before asking for troops.
    Post FC before you take an FC.
    Post FC before you log off.
    I guess what I mean is that the best rule is to just post FCs ALL THE TIME. It costs you nothing and helps your clan improve by practicing.


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