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Thoughts on a sandbox mode?

Thoughts on a sandbox mode?

A mode allowing you to test new armies, bases, troops, defenses etc.
It would make it easier to practice new armies and design new bases without constantly relying on clan mates for friendly attacks. Is this something supercell has dismissed or is there simply no demand?

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  1. ImOnlyHereForClash

    Probably something they’ve dismissed since they’re all about that social interaction.

  2. Rizzob

    This is very similar to the concept of allowing friendly challenges to yourself. Self-FCs is a ruled-out idea from SC’s POV.

    The issue is they don’t want you to be able to copy your war opponents’ bases and practice hits on them.

    With a 24-hour cooldown on any base changes, I’m not sure that’s really an issue, but that was the reason they gave for ruling it out.


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