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Siege Machine in CC higher level than anyone in the clan can donate?

Siege Machine in CC higher level than anyone in the clan can donate?

So the other day I noticed the Stone Slammer in my CC was a level 4 and I only have level 3s and the other th12 only has level 3 also with no other players having the ability to make siege machines in my clan.

We recently opened our clan up from “invite only” and I figured it was someone who joined and donated then decided to leave, you know how randoms are. Well I am not sure that is the case anymore.

I just used my CC troops and siege machine in war and when I went to request new troops for the next attack, there was already a level 4 siege machine in my CC and I had 1 less Stone Slammer in my army.

It looks to be my own Stone Slammers are getting placed in my CC and getting upgraded to level 4. Is there an explanation for this?

I will make sure to check 100% after I attack next and use my troops to make sure I got the explanation right.

Thank you in advance!

EDIT: So it seems like it can be a clan perk but my clan is only level 4 and I do not see anything of the sort saying that troops are upgraded like I am talking about…

EDIT 2: So I just attacked again, checked everything. I had 3 Stone Slammers built and ready, 3 Stone Slammers trained up. After the attack, I went and checked my CC and sure enough, there is a level 4 Stone Slammer already in there. I went to my workshop and sure enough, I have 3 built and ready to go and only 2 trained up.

I don’t have a clue why this is happening but I did notice on the Victory screen at the end of the attack, it says it is a level 3 Stone Slammer and during the attack it says level 3 Stone Slammer. This is definitely weird.

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  1. Lem0n373

    The only way that would make sense to me with your situation is that your clan is a high enough level to have unlocked troop level upgrades for donations, which I assume apply to siege machines.

  2. natedeezy69

    It’s a clan perk. It’s will increase limits of troops based on clan level. +2 max.

  3. Jorge-52

    only time your own troops/siege gets upgrade like that is when you upgraded town hall and lab. new th bonus boost, but then surely you notice all your troops and heroes are boosted🤔

  4. Boat-fish

    The edit says it’s not even a level 5 clan so someone joined and left


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