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Queued army stops training at a certain point.

Queued army stops training at a certain point.

I have 195 housing space in my army at the moment. However, whenever I queue an army, it always stops training at 170. Therefore, I have to wait a few minutes for it to finish training after I’ve used my previous army. Is this a glitch, or is there some sort of game mechanic that causes this? Thanks.

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  1. ByWillAlone

    Sounds like the last unit in your army is a 30 troop slot troop or bigger, which could only be accommodated if you had 200 camp space.

    What’s the last unit in your queue?

    Could also be caused when all previous troops are regular elixir troops and the last few troops are DE troops, and you have both dark barracks under upgrade at the same time.


    I have faced a similar glitch. Lets say if I have 200/300 army cooked in the second slot and go to attack then the second army doesn’t get added into the army camps even though the camps are empty. I have to cook another troop to send what’s cooked into the camps.


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