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Inside clan, bulletin board idea

Inside clan, bulletin board idea

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  1. iNuggetsi

    Okay CoC reddit, hear me out. How about this idea. how about a inside clan bulletin board for long comments/ instructions?
    The textbox we get is enough for a clan introduction but not enough to leave instructions to clan mates so this could help to make clear the inside clan rules or any other instructions.
    I was thinking that we could unlock the first bulletin slot with a lvl 3 clan and the other 2 for level 6. So we avoid abuse of memory in lvl 1 clans that are most likely going to be abandoned.
    the text can be as much as it fits on the white screen and the last edit area shows who edit last just in case a troll member left something ofensive in the post. I hope this idea reach the devs

  2. kawanis14

    I actually like this one, it would make sense in modern day clans as many instructions get lost in the chat. And that there isn’t enough space in clan desc.


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