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IDEA for Builder Base! look at all 16 pictures to fully understand the concept

IDEA for Builder Base! look at all 16 pictures to fully understand the concept

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  1. BugTop7092

    as much as i HATE bb… i LOVE this idea!

  2. Lord-Zippy

    Wow this is such a great idea.

    It’s a shame though that supercell basically confirmed that they are doing nothing else with the bb.

    Like it has great opportunities but they are being wasted

  3. igotbrokeoffofcoc


  4. Jesus_died_for_u

    Not a terrible idea. I really don’t like BB.

  5. igotbrokeoffofcoc

    This would make Builder Base 10x more fun

  6. Lonly_turtle936

    That sounds like a great idea

  7. happyfoam

    That sounds rad as hell, tbh. It would spice up BH for sure. I kinda feel like adding it to TH would be better though because adding such a cool idea to BH feels like it would be a waste.

    The problem with BH is that it has no stakes. Sure, the lack of content is there, but even with added content it’ll eventually turn stale again. There’s no real reward for BH outside of the Master Builder, and even *that* is for the TH.

    It’s a freaking awesome idea dude. I just think it would die if it goes to BH. BH needs a clan war equivalent (not Builder Wars, that’s dumb and logistically impossible). Something to engage the entire clan and give it vested, repeatable interest.

  8. MtDerp06

    Email Supercell now please!

  9. reyermusic

    i like it, it’s like spells but since bb is different, these are too

  10. These_Object216

    not gonna lie I love this Idea maybe tweet it out to them

  11. lau796

    This is so good and fits perfectly in the builder base and the other clash games. I love it

  12. switchanana


  13. spencersaurous

    click on post to see pictures fully

  14. nonbasement

    Very good idea. I would like this

  15. Marcan27

    This is really good idea! Hope we can see something like this in future. 😀

  16. marcintosch

    Well. Let’s crack that down. You say “simply adding spells is no proper solution”, but with the exception of the Fire Spirit and the Poison Spirit* all of your Spirits do exactly what a Spell does on Home Village? Freezing, Raging, Healing, one acts as eDrag-Spell… I honestly do not see a major difference to the concept of using the spells of the Home Base.

    Plus: for the ones who are already maxed the Furnace would make it even easier to ⭐️⭐️⭐️ each and every opponent, so the new ‘fun’ would only be to guess who gets the 100% first…

    (*which does exactly what the Poison Spell is used for in Home Village: poisoning CC troops.)

  17. flyingd2

    With this idea, far less people would ditch the Builder Base after they receive the 6th builder


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