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Can we please get a banning option for clans

Can we please get a banning option for clans

Got recently trolled where a griefer got his friend to promote him to co and kicked most of my clan which I don’t really mind since restarting a clan aint hard but what bothers me is how this kid just kept joining back when he got kicked way back before he griefed because he was a problem with others. Just a single invite and he’d be back harassing people. Now after the mass kick by him and me finally finding his friend he joins back is just shouting the n word and it doesn’t even censor him. I wouldn’t bother with this but I really just don’t wanna deal with a mental case willing to spend every day harassing everyone in my clan.

This option should only be for leader and cannot be overrided by invites from lower ranks in the clan.

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  1. 2notpac

    shi that’s annoying asf . if he joins again yall should report him ! might work


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