A solid Th10 army

Somebody please give me a good Th10 army, i am sick of using my miners. I am not asking for a link to a 20 minute judo sloth video, just the army and number of troops/spells

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  1. TherealCpu1

    you thinking for war or for farming? Big difference there. for farming any of the baby dragons, barch, pekka wiz or zap dragons will do just fine especially for getting dark elixir. for war you can try electrone as noted by jus_plain_me, queen charge miners, zap dragons, or a bowitch attack. I’d recommend zap dragons for war as it’s one of the easiest to learn and probably top 1-2 for power at TH10. something along the lines of 9 dragons and rest loons, 6 lightning, 2 quake for zapping 2 air defenses, and then rage freeze and maybe a poison if heroes dealing with cc troops. I’ve copied below a 3 minute farming army video, as well as a zap dragon video that is longer (but you can skip through to TH10 if you like to see the attack in action). best of luck with the clash grind i hope you find a good couple strategies to help you out 🙂


  2. jus_plain_me


    2 clone 1 rage 1 poison 3 haste

    3 hounds, 10 minions, rest loons

    Edrag and loon in a Blimp

    Blimp goes to the core, double clone and rage to kill queen and CC.

    Heroes help cut out a wedge.

    Lalo the rest.

  3. igotbrokeoffofcoc


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