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Clash Freak – A Clash Of Clans Discord Bot

Clash Freak – A Clash Of Clans Discord Bot

A simple and easy to use clash of clans discord bot that does everything for ***free***. You can get Clan, Player, War and CWL information with the quick commands.

[Invite Clash Freak]( | [Website]( | [Support Server Discord](

* Key Features

1. Everything is **Free.** No, I don’t have plans to charge any money in future though!
2. Tournament Management System, I love this one actually (Helpful for E-Sport clans).
3. You can link unlimited clans per server.
4. You can link unlimited accounts/clans per user account.
5. Less spam and more work (8 automations).
6. Easy management for the servers, Link a clan to the text channel.

**Why Clash Freak?**

1. User Friendly and Reliable.
2. Easy Set Up.
3. Detailed information on whatever bot does.
4. And More, Please visit [Features](

**Some Stats of Bot**

As every features can’t be mentioned in here, I would suggest to invite the instance of bot itself and try it. I believe that you will love it, If you don’t feel free to bother me on how to improve it or on what more to add. Trust me, I will try my best to apply the given suggestions. I am open for that in here or on discord.

**Note:** I haven’t updated site for the current recent changes which i did.

**Note:** The whole bot is written in Python and this content is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Supercell and Supercell is not responsible for it. For more information see [**Supercell’s Fan Content Policy**](

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  1. FrostLight8544

    One of the best utility bot for Clash, There are so many cool features in it. Don’t forget to check it out!


    Looks cool. Will check out when I have time.


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