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Witch Academy

Witch Academy

[Witch Academy](

Hello everyone!

This is my design for Supercell Make.

Here is a story behind this design:

Witch Academy was once home to millions of witches who seek to advance their magic. Unfortunately, one Halloween night, a mysterious creature struck and destroyed everything including the ancient bridge and the main building which led to an evacuation of all witches. Since then, the Academy was shut down and became unknown. Mother Witch once said that the creature lived in an underwater cave and was controlled by a mysterious shadow who has horns. It uses turquoise light to control everything like turning a waterfall into elixirfall. The light is so powerful that even the witch can not withstand it. Some say that those who dare to stay near the light will turn into a pumpkin. This rumor was widely spread after builder Jake went missing. Builder Jake is the first person to propose the idea of rebuilding Witch Academy. Sadly, his story didn’t end well, so the others. If you visit the Witch Academy, stay away from the turquoise light.

Here is something that I just found out after 75 to 80 hours of work, if you don’t have a SSN or the personal ID number, you are not eligible to win the payout. Well, I was disappointed at fist, but I doesn’t matter to me. So, if you are in the same situation like me, don’t let that hold you back, just show off your creativity. To me, if my design make it to the game, it probably mean more than the prize. I hope that I still eligible to compete.

So, I hope you like this design and Happy early Halloween.

Here link to my campaign: [](

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  1. ThubanDraco


  2. Mysterion_Rising99

    I will still vote for it even if you aren’t eligible for the reward.

    I do like how it’s not overly done with the Halloween theme so that you could use it in the middle of July without feeling it’s out of season. Useful for people like me that have only bought 1 scenery for my accounts.


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