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Why do Clashers on reddit support maxing so much?

Why do Clashers on reddit support maxing so much?

Why? I mean I see someone say,” should I upgrade my town hall?” as a non maxed player and 95% of the responses I see is ,” no, max walls/lab before going” or “no you aren’t maxed.”

It’s weird, at least to me because the only real point of maxing is if you really want to feel that sense of accomplishment from maxing fully out or if you want to stay at that town hall to master those strategies for that town hall.

I’m not saying rushing is the 100% best way to go, because I don’t rush, I stay more time at a town hall but don’t max out.

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  1. ByWillAlone

    Why do people keep asking this question when it’s been answered here on this sub hundreds of times already?

  2. Halbert-

    IMO the best part of this game is war. Rushed bases are at a disadvantage in war as is the team that brings them to war. Not just because they pull in higher opposition but because they often flag the same as engineered bases. That means the opponent clan may have several well engineered bases at the bottom allowing their top bases to be more advanced.

  3. itslivo

    You handicap yourself when you rush. As soon as you TH upgrade finishes your loot is recalculated. You get less of the available loot against TH lower than you, and maximizing your loot by hitting TH the same level as you or higher is more difficult because you’re up against stronger bases now. It’s rare that I max my walls before moving up TH levels, but I’m always maxed everywhere else.

    The only place I’d say just upgrade would be from 9 to 10. So many DE upgrades there that it’s tough to max it all without ending up wasting resources while you upgrade your heroes. Also happens to be one of the TH levels where it’s quite easy to max your walls before moving up.


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