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Only able to attack town halls above me

Only able to attack town halls above me

When I was TH8 all I got in gold 1/2 was TH9’s. Now I am TH9 and all I get in gold 1/2 is TH10’s. Why?????

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  1. ByWillAlone

    The matchmaking system will prefer to give you matchups equal to your own town hall level if possible. If you are at a trophy range where matchups against your equal town hall are scarce, then you will get more matchups against the town hall level that is more prevalent for that trophy level.

    If you are constantly being matched against people that are +1 town hall levels to you, then your peer group is far below you in trophies. If you want to match up against your own town hall more often, drop trophies until you find more bases your same town hall level.

  2. Bobson_411

    Just attack the town halls above u cuz u will get more money

    also u are matchmade based on town hall too not just trophies if u search more ull find some th9s

  3. RandomCoCAccount

    Then don’t be in gold 1/2

  4. Jesus_died_for_u

    Your trophy level. Apparently you are at a trophy range where there are few/no town hall 8s or 9s


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