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How many Co-Leaders does your clan have? And how much responsibility do they have?

How many Co-Leaders does your clan have? And how much responsibility do they have?

I’m the leader of a clan, and have been for over 6 months, and I’m interested in the dynamics of running a clan. My clan has around 3 or 4 co-leaders, some of them I know personally, and some I don’t. They all play different parts in the clan however don’t do loads and don’t constantly run the clan however when called upon, they are there to help and put a shift in. This made me wonder, how different is my system? How do others do it? What role do the co-leaders play in other clans?

I’d be really interested to hear some responses, especially from fellow leaders or co-leaders. I feel that the topic of running a clan isn’t highlighted a lot, but vital for newer leaders to learn. Thanks!

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  1. ard8

    Like 5 and just to be the most active players/donators as well as make sure things don’t fall apart when the leader is offline.

  2. Razgriz80

    We have 4 co leaders (myself included). We kinda do a bit of everything, but everybody has something they focus on. The leader focuses war schedule and assigning bases, two of the co’s focuses war management, another focuses attack strategies, and another focuses recruitment.

    My thoughts on it is if you have too many you will end up having unorganized and unnecessary leadership and things get lost in the shuffle cause everyone thought someone else was gonna do it. Not enough leadership and things fall apart if one person isn’t available. You want some backup, but you don’t want bloated leadership.

  3. Raddit_Professional

    account wise 15

    However, some are either now inactive long time members, or alt accounts. The real number of active co is around 8.

    I won’t suggest anyone to do the same, our number of co are on the high side. We only managed because we have an active leader who make basically all decisions, and also coleaders are all long time members.


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