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Clash of clans report

Clash of clans report

I have a question. When you report a member in your clan does it report just that specific message they sent or does the team actually look at everything they’ve said in the past (like an archive?) Because I have a clan member whose extremely racist and I want them to be punished for it is there any other way to do this as supercell support has stopped responding to me and just telling me they can’t do anything about it even though they’ve done it before and I have screenshots.

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  1. ByWillAlone

    In 2018, SuperCell went into great detail about how their chat reporting and enforcement for disruptive behavior works. This was largely related to Global Chat (which is now gone), but it applied to clan chat as well. The is the most detailed info we have access to that covers how SuperCell polices chat, and there’s no reason to believe it still doesn’t work like this for clan chat.

    The answer to your question comes at 38 seconds into the video:

    I would recommend watching the entire video, though; it’s very insightful.

    The bigger question is: if this person is so racist and uses such extreme hate speech that you feel the need to not only report them, but reach out directly to SuperCell support over it…. then WTF have you not just kicked that person out of the clan yet?


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