Clash of Clans on Windows 11?

So, Microsoft announced it will launch Windows 11 near the fall of this year and one interesting feature for clashers is that [it will support running Android apps]( It will run with the app store of Amazon and Clash of Clans [is available in that store](

So does that mean it will be possible to play CoC on Windows 11? Of course it was always possible to play CoC on Windows through an emulator like BlueStacks, but in the Supercell’s terms of service update of CoC of July 2020 emulators are prohibited officially (although from what I gathered from statements from Darian this is not enforced *yet* unless players are caught cheating/modding/etc.). So I’m wondering, will Windows 11 qualify as ‘an emulator’ and therefor not be allowed or will it mean CoC will be officially supported for PC at the end of the year? And what kind of technical nightmare might that be for the dev team?

I know this is really early and I sincerely doubt Supercell’s dev team already has an answer to this (especially since W11 isn’t even out yet), but we can speculate about what the future might hold I guess? As an avid pc-gamer I’m really curious about what the future might bring.

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2 Thoughts to “Clash of Clans on Windows 11?”

  1. ByWillAlone

    Probably not.

    That feature became available for users of M1-based Macs to be able to run native iOS apps on the desktop. Apple still required developers to approve their apps for use on desktop before they were immediately made available for desktop use. It is expected Microsoft will implement something very similar. Many iOS developers did make their apps available to run on Macs… SuperCell did not. Considering SuperCell’s past documented objections to Clash of Clans running on desktop PCs, and considering SuperCell’s past demonstrated action of outright denying it for Mac users, I see no evidence at all that SuperCell will suddenly change their minds and allow it for Windows.

    SuperCell has already commented on this. I don’t recall Darian’s exact words but it was something along the lines of: we’ll evaluate it when it’s available and decide then.

    edit: here you go… the original post here on this topic that links to a screenshot of Darian’s actual statement:

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