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Builder base attack strategy

Builder base attack strategy

I’m currently at bh6 rushing to get Otto. I’ve been using cannon carts and giants but recently heard mass b drag is much better. Is this true? Should I start using b drag?

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    If you use baby drags then you can reach about 3500 cups when you’re in the otto grind but if you use cannon carts then the highest you’ll be able to reach will be around 3000 or so. If you haven’t upgraded your giants much and have decent baby d then I’d recommend using bbd to farm as it makes the grind easier.

  2. mastrdestruktun

    It’s debatable. Maybe yes, but since you already have an elixir investment in carts and giants, and you obviously need to keep leveling carts anyway for otto, it will save you a little bit of farming time to just stick with what you’ve already leveled.

    You don’t even really need to keep maxing out giants, either. At a certain point you can take the BM with all carts and farm OK, when he’s not upgrading.

    So is it worth it to level up a completely new/different troop in order to hover at a higher trophy level? Well, you could do the math to see how long it would take to come out ahead, but for me it’s only worth it if it would be more fun. Funny thing, I am actually leveling up baby drags on a new account, because I’ve done the barb + cart, and the cart only thing, before, on otto rush accounts, and I’m in the mood for something different.


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