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How much do you play builder base?

How much do you play builder base?

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  1. Orchard-Orc

    One star a day, until I get 2600 seasonal points, or as much as it helps with clan games (which is to say, a lot during the 3 days)

  2. piper139

    You need an option for I’m maxed so I do 1 daily attack until pass is maxed and then a whole bunch during clan games. I will do my last wall on my mini today or tomorrow then both accounts will have max bh. No need to do much more than daily, clanngajes, and harvest gems.

  3. AideTraditional8330

    I know a lot of people might not like the builder base, but I like it a lot.

  4. Leon0527

    well…. i dont tech nically play it. i just log in every day tp collect from the pumps and mines to get otto builder (5 lv more for BM THEN im done) and i dont attack so i jhave max pumpsand mines that i farm every day to get BM lv 30.(im rushed)(3000)


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