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How do you feel about discord for clans?

How do you feel about discord for clans?

Been in my clan for quite a while. They are now trying to push discord on everyone. Went from no discord to pushing it as in you have to have it. I’m not too fond of discord. I don’t like the way the app runs. Also I’m on clash 4-6 times a day to where I see every message and use all my war attacks. Do you feel discord is a necessity for your clan? Why or why not?

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  1. 4stGump

    Discord is absolutely a necessity

  2. henrydeservedbetter

    Just depends how ur clan runs and how competitive you are- id prefer whatsapp or snapchat if my clan did

  3. LogicalVendetta

    I think it’s only needed for clans that aren’t limited to one group, so they can stay in touch with other members and discuss strategies they’ve seen in their own wars

  4. Rage3526

    It’s not required for my clan but it helps a ton with reminding people to attack, bots, and almost the entire clan is on it

  5. piper139

    We somehow manage to do just fine without it. We have a very few of us on kik. We tried to get people to all sign up but with no link posting it was a pain. We also realized there just isn’t a real need. For us anyway. We’re mostly just a bunch of old guys having fun playing a game. We’re not trying for long win streaks or pushing to be in cwl champions. I did fine a chat app to be useful when I was in a family of clans in another game. Really helped facilitate movement between clans and running feeder clans.

  6. HouseAlwaysWins_0451

    Find another clan, Discord as a service is fine but it’s usually filled with weirdos and if they’re forcing it that hard I can already smell the drama it’s gonna cause.

  7. Jesus_died_for_u

    I can follow clan mails and instructions in clan chat. If you need to communicate more than that then I am in the wrong clan. I might or might not download an app to communicate, but you better not require it.


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