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Upgrade to Th11? (211 walls left)

Upgrade to Th11? (211 walls left)

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  1. UsefulComputer4476

    I personally just upgrade when all buildings are done

  2. Logical-Cucumber2861

    Depends imo, do you want to get maxed th14 fast as possible or do you just like to max? If you’re not bothered about maxing then I’d say go and make sure to try to max mainly offence each th, only use your builders for camps, cc, lab, constant lab upgrade btw, heroes and baracks ig also storages and collectors/there’s a few good vids for orders. If you want to max then max, play how you want. Idek if that made sense sorry if it didn’t I’m not English but hope you learn from it

  3. willthepogfish

    Yeah if you don’t have all your defences up then you wanna do that before. Walls are nice to get up. I won’t upgrade my th till I get all of my walls don’t because when I upgrade I know I’m not going to finish them.

  4. Aayan1171

    No it’s not worth it max the walls and heros

  5. Fun-Ad-2505

    Get those archer and wiz towers up!!!

  6. dafool98

    Just stick it out, you can do it. Th11 wouldn’t be any different

  7. Panda2817

    Max your heroes and walls first. If it is getting repetitive, try to push trophies (to titans or legends league). That helped me getting through the grind coz the grind just happened while i tried to climb

  8. j_bragg22

    Stick it out for those heroes!

  9. gay-loner


  10. BossTheBest101

    Games getting a little boring/repetitive lately and wondering if th11 might be the move
    Extra info:
    Queen 34 King 31
    Got 211 walls that are 1 level off max
    Most laboratory troops are high level/close to max


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