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7 Thoughts to “Max TH9 (Free to Play)”

  1. Makset

    What was your technique for upgrading walls, i need a way to make my storages suffer less. 🙁

  2. Every_Humor_3383

    Good job man.🥰👏

    can you tell me whats your favorite strategy ?

  3. Footba11Master6

    No league?

  4. LiamBR23

    I’m in the middle of doing this. Just got all my walls to lvl 9. Can’t wait for my base to look like yours😁

  5. Consistent_Lie544

    5k gems??!?? How I’m at 3k

  6. -_ObiWanKenobi_-

    Very nice

  7. Key-Acanthaceae9691

    Nice, I’m a th10 rn and I’m free to play too, took me 6 years to reach where I am rn (although I did take a 3 year break in between)

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