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Are you using the Dragonrider? Opinions and suggested best uses please!

Are you using the Dragonrider? Opinions and suggested best uses please!

What have you tried that worked well? Where does he shine?

What isn’t a good use for him? What are the weaknesses?

What army are you pairing him with?

Have you found any good guides or videos that are working well for you?

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  1. imsobored2

    I pair with 4-5 dragons and 4-5 riders with the rest balloons. Use 4 rage and a freeze. It’s probably not the best comp but it’s a two star guaranteed in low legends.

  2. l376l

    I have mixed 3-5 dragon riders with 4-5 dragons (at th13 and th14) and this far the “skybrid” is working great for me!

    To form a funnel I send in my heroes with an ice or regular golem on one side and a dragon on the other side. Then I stsrt the dragons with a couple of loons and pass a blimp with loons and a dragon through to get the th son can take the backside/ push the dragons closer together with bats.

    5 bat spells, 2 rage (one for the entry on the dragons, one for the th) a poison and the rest freezes.

    The rc might come in with the dragons, on their flank to push them closer together or at the back side if there is significant splash damage that she can take out.

  3. 2020_u_suck

    You can charge your queen for taking a portion of the base down then send 4-5 dragon riders after the funnel. I usually use the slammer with this strat. Basically it’s just like hybrid but air. Try it it’s fun!


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