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We can all agree that my current home village is bad. Any advice ?

We can all agree that my current home village is bad. Any advice ?

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  1. Schuckman

    If you’re talking about base level:

    – Step 1: Gain loot

    – Step 2: upgrade stuff

    If your talking about base design:

    – Step 1: Go to [Clash Champs](

    – Step 2: download and import a base

    **First priority** is upgrading all of your offensive units (the things that will help you attack better in multiplayer and war.) Those things include: Clan Castle, army camps, spell factories, barracks, heroes, troops and spells.

    **Second priority** is upgrading things that help you gain more loot. Those things include: resource collectors, storages, Clan Castle

    **Third priority** is upgrading your defenses. Regardless if your a max TH7 or a rushed TH7, a TH8 will likely be able to 3 star your base. This is why defenses should be the last priority. You should always prioritize upgrading defenses that will help defend against the common armies being used at your TH level. At TH7, it is usually drags, hogs, or giant/wizard. The defenses that defend well against drags are obviously air targeting (air defense, tesla, archer towers). The defenses that defend against hogs and giant/wizard are splash defenses (wiz towers, bomb tower).

    **Last priority** is traps. Some people may disagree about this being the last priority depending on how they like to play the game. However, for recovering from a rush, it should be considered last priority since they are less effective than just upgrading a defense. I am a TH14 so I just upgrade traps to help spread out my upgrades better. If I see I have an upgrading finishing in 1 day then the next upgrade finishing in 7 days, traps usually have the lowest upgrade timers so I’ll see if I can find a 3-4 day trap upgrade. You can also follow the same mindset as defenses where you upgrade traps depending on what helps defend your base the best. Seeking air mine (black air bombs) are good to defend dragons. Giant bombs and spring traps are good against hogs and giant/wiz

  2. Soranohoshi

    if you want to still rush, it’s fine, but you should keep yourself at a lower cup level. Or you will be 3 stared soon after the shield gone.

  3. cathrix1

    Not worry about it till higher th lvls, you will almost certainly be 3’d by any competent attacker no matter the base

  4. Jesus_died_for_u

    Do not upgrade the town hall until you max everything. Get 5 builders with gems if you don’t have them. (Free gems is fine). Keep them working.

  5. SlyOfTheTrigger22

    Thats actually horrible

  6. Available_Bit8919

    Those 3 walls don’t do nothing I think. Walls need different placement 100%.


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