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Should I upgrade my townhall?

Should I upgrade my townhall?

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  1. Novaaaaaa

    I’m really unsure on what to do. I’m overflowing on gold and elixir, because there’s too much time between upgrades and I would really like to play the game but it’s just a waste to attack with all my storages full. I’m nowhere near max with my defends as you can see and I still have nothing to do other than log in and click on upgrade every couple of days.

  2. Qwertypop4

    If you’re bored, then there’s no doubt you should upgrade. Maxing isn’t as important as it is made out to be, and having fun is the most important thing, even if it was

  3. Web-tube

    I would recommend upgrading TH. You can continue upgrading heroes, and you already had maxed walls

  4. UsefulComputer4476

    well I would upgrade once buildings are maxed, as for the full storages thing, i would recommend not play this account as much and maybe start a second account


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