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3 Thoughts to “I have some regrets about going to th 9. How to unrush?”

  1. Altruistic_Trash_500

    1) upgrade offensive-related stuff. army camps, barracks, HEROES, stuff like that. this means u can increase ur active income (which is ur main source of income) and gather more loot

    2) upgrade ur resource-related stuff AFTER getting the offensive-related stuff done. higher level collectors means slightly more gold, elixir, and de that u can use. higher level storages means you can hold more loot.

    3) upgrade ur defenses AFTER getting the resource-related stuff done. the general guide is xbow > teslas > wizard towers > archer tower > cannon > mortar > everything else. traps and walls as filler

  2. SkirtEither

    Best tip to unrush: upgrade shit

  3. iJimmyB

    where can I find this

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