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Why you cant use heroes during upgrades?

Why you cant use heroes during upgrades?

I mean, i know the “we must make people return to the game” policy and everything, but if you’re truly active at the game, the upgrade timer only mean you won’t use your hero 90% of the time, because its upgrading

Heroes could be like troops, spells and siege machines, which you upgrade, but during the timer, it still can be used at the actual level
(Not saying to put heroes on the lab, just a similar system)

The way heroes work rn either encourages you to not upgrade them, and use them, or upgrade and forget they exist for 90% of the time

I hope this changes in the future, similar to how heroes don’t need to help from defenses anymore

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  1. TurbulentHovercraft0

    Always about the money, forces you to use books and that’s money for them

  2. a1_ajax

    I don’t think there is any realistic chance of this ever changing.

    It has always been very firmly ruled out by Supercell.

    I suspect that people gemming hero upgrades is one of the bigger sources of income for them, though that may not be the main reason.

  3. Kindly_Temporary4361

    they can give some special ability which will be activated after certain level (Example lvl 50 for king and queen) with that ability we can pause the upgrade and use them in wars and then resume it.


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