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hello guys need your help ! i am th 12 rushed base from th 8 what should be my defense and lab upgrade priorities my 5 builders are unlocked . thanks in advance . all suggestions are highly appreciable.

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  1. DeepLifeguard5123

    No offence but you just made my eyes bleed

  2. Glittering-Mark-8478

    Upgrade your dark elixir drill and continuously boost sneaky goblins . Upgrade either edrags or dragons for war purposes . Upgrade heavy defences like x bow , inferno, eagle , air defence and tesla. After that u can concentrate on wiz towers if possible . Dump excess gold and elixir in walls . Get your heroes to atleast 40 . This will help you to get extra loot
    Good luck friend

  3. sp00kypork

    1.Farm for resources with cheap and fast training armies.

    2. Use said resources to upgrade stuff preferably offense.

    3. It’s a video game not rocket science.


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