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7 Thoughts to “My donator account. How should I approach it and make it better?”

  1. dUNkEy69420

    What are you getting attack by the most

  2. Ok-Championship-8082

    Do air defense, teslas, wiz, pretty much every single defense

  3. WorkbenchLevel3

    I would max all my offense building then start with the defences

  4. dUNkEy69420

    Do you get gems for getting masters? I haven’t even got to crystal so I don’t know what’s next

  5. Klutzy-Election4157

    What do u mean by donator account ?

  6. DepressedMaddenPlaya

    I just made a clash ninja thing for it and it says it’ll take 3 years to max excluding walls 🥲

  7. existential_jazz

    What I recommend is to completely ignore defenses for the next few months. Get to th13 for the last 2 sieges and dragon riders, and focus on maxing out your collectors, barracks, camps, etc.

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