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I think I have thought of a really great game mode.

I think I have thought of a really great game mode.

[ * = See below]

!!!CLASH DUOS!!! (Prototype Name):

• Multiplayer match/war

—Two versus Two
•Team building for the two person duo could be a friend, clan mate, or even have random matchmaking as an option.

—Each duo constructs half an army (half capacity wise). They combine with the other duo to make one army.

—Duo 1 combined army attacks one of Duo 2 member’s bases.
—Then, Duo 2 attacks one of Duo 1 member’s bases.

1. Higher stars* earned between each Duos attack either wins or goes to tie breaker.


—If both teams get equal stars*, which could happen quite often if based on stars*.

• Each Duo individually attacks a master base

* Now any of these win results could be percentage instead of stars, but I think stars would be more overtime, i.e. more fun.

Thank you for reading! please let me know your feedback and let’s get this in the game!

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  1. SquirtyElite

    Nah they should both make full armies, and then they work together to make a large base


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