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Any improvements to my base?

Any improvements to my base?

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  1. gethiggy_withit

    Everything lol

  2. Thrig702

    Make more compartments with your walls instead of one big square. Also troops can be placed inside of walls and between buildings if they are 3 or more tiles apart (you can see the white outline). Try to space out splash damage (mortar and wizard towers) and air defences to give as much coverage as possible. Personally I think that storages are more important to protect than your town hall because money is necessary and trophies are not but that it up to you.

  3. _DontKnowWhyImHere

    Once they break through your walls, your base is done. Try using compartments, and prioritize defences being safe over resources.

  4. BlxckBirdA12

    Look au th7 base designs i think that will help, also dont rush


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